Instructions for Poster Presentation


Authors whose contribution is accepted as poster, have the chance to present their work through a 3-minutes talk recorded on their PowerPoint file. For this, you are kindly asked to stick to the following guidelines which helps you prepare your presentation.


1- Poster in .PPTX and .PDF

Template: For a poster presentation, download the official UFGNSM2021 poster template. You are required to follow the specified structure and instructions in the template and save it to PPTX and PDF document.

* Consider that your presentation aspect ratio should be fixed as 16:9, respectively width : height (this is the default aspect ratio in pptx files).

Size: There is no limit on the file size (MB).

File name: You should save and upload your presentation as "UFGNSMxxxx.pptx" where xxxx is your Manuscript ID (e.g.: UFGNSM1000.pptx).


2- Video presentation of the poster

You need to provide a short video describing your poster. Your presentation is offline by this video; however, you MUST be online through all the scheduled time to engage with the participants.

Length: The recorded video should be 3-4 minutes (NOT longer than 4min).

* You are required to prepare 4-5 slides to present your work. You can download presentation's slides from here.

* You can find a step-by-step instruction to save your PowerPoint as .MP4 in this highlighted link.

Format: You should send your presentation as .MP4 file.

Quality: 480p

Size: The file cannot be larger than 50 MB.

File name: Your recorded video should be saved as "UFGNSMxxxx.MP4" (xxxx is your Manuscript ID.)


UPLOAD: You should upload your Poster files (in PDF and PPTX) through your profile. For this purpose, when you logged into your account, click on "Submit Paper" in the upper right corner, where you can find your manuscript(s). To upload your files (Poster file in .pptx and .pdf formats and the recorded video in .mp4 format), click on your paper ID and in the opened page attach the files.


1- With submitting their abstract, all authors of the manuscript show their consent about publishing their works (conference program, conference website, etc.)

2- The corresponding author confirms that no part of the contribution infringes any third party rights including (but not limited to) intellectual property rights.