Abstract template now available!

Template for abstract can be downloaded from this link. Authors are requested to download it and follow the instruction therein. In case you find any problems regarding the template, please do not hesitate to email the problem to the secretariat. Following this template is not mandatory but recommended by the conference secretariat. Please use Firefox browser in case Google Chrome prevents files from being downloaded.


Full Paper Template Now Available!

Authors can use this link to download the template for full papers.


Note: If you have expressed your willingness to have your paper published by JUFGNSM, you are asked to visit the journal website for detailed information about paper format. Also, we would like to inform you that your paper will go through a review process (according to Journal's policies) if accepted to be presented at UFGNSM2021.


Notes to all authors:

1- The conference secretariat will process your contribution after receiving the full-length manuscript. The final decision is announced after the completion of the review process.

2- When submitting full paper(s), authors are rquired to mark which author presents the work during the event. This can be done by tapping  "Add/Remove Authors" botton and clicking "This Author is Presenter Author" when adding the author. In case you have already entered author's data, just scroll to the authors table at the bottom of the page, and click "edit" icon in front of authors name. Then select it as presenter.